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The new iTero® Element™

Dentists at the Brussels Smile Clinic use the iTero® Element ™ element scanner every day for prosthetic (crowns and veneers) and orthodontic treatments.

"The quality of the digital impression is more accurate than that of a PVS (Polyvinyl Siloxane) imprint. The scans can be retouched in front of the patient who visualizes after 15 minutes pre-simulation of dental movements with Invisalign®. Real plus for patient comfort, I no longer have to fill their mouths with a sticky paste”.

Dentist Nathalie Declercq

Assistant Scanning Patient


Implant placement

Invisalign Invisible orthodontics

video coming soon

New iTero® Element™

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Brussels smile clinic will be moving from 1/1/2020 to the prestigious IT Tower on the 4th floor at Avenue Louise 480 in 1050 Brussels.

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