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Smile makeover

Profiloplasty: the principle of treatment

This consultation is done by dentist Nathalie Declercq.

Through her active listening, Mrs. Declercq identifies and analyzes with precision the issues that are submitted. It is the analysis of the facial features that makes it possible to better appreciate the balance of the different structures between them and the harmony of the whole.

The forehead, the nose, the lips and the chin obey precise proportional ratios. The study of the profile from photo and Rx documents is a complementary element that will help define the most appropriate treatment.

A digital simulation of the smile can be realized through the software Envision a smile.

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We also offer 2 free parking spaces in the tower for patients of the Brussels Smile Clinic.

In case of emergency and outside the opening hours of dental surgery , please contact Dental Guard service at the following telephone number : 02 426 10 26